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Hi there! 

A full-time position is what I currently look for, but for your review you'll find below the few solutions I offer as a consultant to small businesses. 

I'm confident some of these could be of value to you, but let's chat to get a better idea of how we could collaborate to grow COMPANY. 


Branding, Content strategy, and Social media

Social Media


You may have a blog, you're active in social media but your audience doesn't respond as much as you'd like. 

  • Your brand is unique, but it might not be that clear to everyone

  • The content you post might not be relevant enough

  • The type of content you produce (articles, images, quotes, videos) might not be optimal for your target audience

  • The social platforms you picked might not be the ones you need to focus on


How I can help

  • Refine your brand to make it more remarquable

  • Position yourself to make your competition irrelevant

  • Create a content strategy that touches the heart of your target audience

  • Use only the most relevant type of content and social platforms


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization


You have a decent amount of visitors on your site, but only few are taking action (subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product…)

  • The structure or design of your site might need improvement

  • Your message might need to be clearer

  • Your tone might need to be different

  • An explainer video might help to increase engagement, conversions and improve SEO

  • A relevant offer might need to be set up to entice your visitors to take the action you want.


How I can help

  • Make sure all the elements of your site are answering the visitor's most important question: "Why should I stay on that site?"

  • Ensure the tone of your copy is well chosen and consistent throughout your site

  • Create an explainer video if needed

  • Create an irresistible offer to encourage the visitor to take action (for lead magnet or any CTA)


System Creation - Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)



You feel overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done to move your business forward - content creation, posting on social media, marketing your brand, PR, SEO… 

If you try to do all this time consuming work yourself, you're going away from your core competencies, and your business can't be sustainable that way. 

  • Most of these things can be automated by the right softwares or delegated to the right people.

  • How to outsource these tasks?


How I can help

  • Don't do everything in-house. Using several process-driven softwares, I can create a system to define all your repetitive and non-complex tasks, and find the right people to delegate them.

  • Using various platforms - such as the email marketing software AWeber - I can automate processes that take time away from your core competencies.


If we work together, I will force you to think differently,

and I will find creative ways to transform your business into a customer magnet. 


Simply drop me a line, and we’ll arrange a time to chat.