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I love to find creative and efficient ways to move people and businesses to the next level. 

Maybe there is a strategy you may be overlooking that fresh eyes will see. 

Maybe a simple question will bring a new light on your situation.

And who knows, it might change your life. 



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Founder of You're Closer Than You Think

You're Closer Than You Think

  • 1 on 1 & Group Coaching to Discover Your Ideal Career.


Founder of Video Intro Maker

Video Intro Maker 

  • Creating animated explainer videos that tell a company story in a clear and engaging way.

  • About 80 animated videos, podcasts and TED Talks illustrations created in various languages (See samples here)

  • Featured on The Startup Pitch


Co-Founder of Baobbá


I was a co-founder of Baobbá in São Paulo, a Brazilian organization with an open business model that brings together great people around amazing ethics: No boss, equality, openness, spirituality and cool business ideas. 

Baobbá works on several startups and brings new forms of living and working through the Open Business movement.

If you would like to know more about this innovative system, I wrote an article about it here


Founder of French personal development blog Simple et Clair

Website weekly organic traffic stats for the last 3 years - Click the image to access the site.

Website weekly organic traffic stats for the last 3 years - Click the image to access the site.

  • I wrote about 50 articles about personal development, based on a powerful spiritual teaching.

  • Affiliation with their publishing company (Prosveta).

  • 6,000 subscribers.

  • Creation of a 2.5 hours Video Program to help my audience put into practice healthy and productive habits in their daily life.

  • About 10,000 organic visits per month with an average session duration of 2:25 minutes (with a totally outdated design).

  • Creation of images with quotes - some went viral, see example below.


Contributor on several blogs


This article had more than 550 shares before Facebook officially stopped supplying share counts to third party apps and plugins




Huffington Post - As a ghost writer

See the link to the video site in Part 5 by clicking the image below. 



98,000+ views on this answer, 400+ upvotes - click the image to access the article. 


Past presentations

Workshop in São Paulo, Brazil (2016): "Find the work only you can do"

Sao Paulo Workshop

Online Webinar (2017): "How to create a personal morning routine that inspires you every day"

I advertised my online coaching to the audience of my French personal development website.


Presentation in Medellin, Colombia (2017): "Key points to increase your site's conversions"

Presentation in Medellin, Colombia.png

- Workshops in Medellin, Colombia (2018): "Validate your business idea with yourself"

Selina workshop.jpg



Fluent in 4 languages


Creator of Digital Nomad For Good: Monthly Top 10 List of Inspiring Articles for Digital Nomads


Founder of the "Digital Nomad For Good" LinkedIn Group

800+ members. Click the image to request access and be a part of the movement!


Interview on Greta Azzopardi's site about "Surviving (and thriving within) nomadism"


Clarity profile




If we work together, we will find creative ways to reach your full potential. 

Simply drop me a line about what you do, and we’ll arrange a time to chat.