Get a job according to your personality type


A few weeks ago I shared solid advice to get the job you want, while avoiding to waste your time on depressive platforms like Monster. 


Today I'd like to share Roger Hamilton's advice from his book about the approaches to take to get out of the red zone... Understand: "I f***ing need a job now". 

These recommendations should work pretty well because they consider your personality type. 

You see, we can be quite different from one another, and if the recommendations from your best friend or your mother in law feel terrible, chill, breathe and read further. Clarity awaits you. 


If you're not sure which one of the 4 types you are, there is a test you can take to find out.

Sign up with Facebook, it's only 5 questions. I linked to that GeniusU personality test in my previous article here, in the "personality test" section. 

Once you know which Genius you are, check these approaches. It made a lot of sense to me, and I'm sure it will put a light on your research too. 


If you're a Dynamo

Dynamo people are creative, and also have their head in the clouds. They love starting things but suck at finishing them. 

If you're pretty much broke, don't invest money and resources into your big idea - yet.

Instead, measure your money and link your bigger cause to the growth of your personal cash flow. Take small and steady steps. 

Find and serve others who are already on flow. 


Dynamos are creative. You can come up with good products ideas. 

You can see ways to make money where money is being made. 

You can find ways to help increase the sales by adding to the product range with their existing customers, and reaching new customers. 

Think about who could you offer your creativity to, getting paid a percentage of the results you generate? 


Here's a cool script that a Dynamo can use once they identify in which company they would like to work for: 

"I would love to work with you guys. 

- We’re not hiring right now. 

- That’s ok, just give me a week where I can just show up and help out. 

At the end of the week, I’ll give you my report on how I can help your business. 

Maybe there are some extra sales that could be made. Maybe there is a strategy you may be overlooking that fresh eyes will see. 

If you don’t like anything I say, well, you’ve had my free labor for a week." 


I'm French and I know that this approach will never work in most of the old and settled French companies. Never, because they're way too proud of themselves to be creative or even a bit flexible. 

Their hierarchy is way too heavy for such a thing to happen. It's so far away from their job conceptions that they won't even think about making it possible.

They'll tell you to stop dreaming and apply with a cover letter to the job title you wish to apply for once you have a related Master degree. 


I would stay away from ties and 1970 furniture style but that's just me. 

Now seriously, if someone comes to me and genuinely tells me the script above, there is no reason why I wouldn't give her a chance. It takes balls to do so, and a business needs passion and enthusiasm. 



If you're a Blaze

Blaze people are all about relationships. They love to talk and go out meeting people. 

If you're pretty much broke, you should stop splitting up your time and confusing your friends without any of them actually helping you generate the money you need. 

Instead, put a list together of those people you know in who you place a level of trust, and who might be looking for someone who is a people person. 

Get the word out to your network, and pick something that allows you to use your natural talents such as training, e-learning, sales… something allowing you to be in direct contact with others. 

Stay on track. 



If you're a Tempo

While Dynamos have their head in the clouds, Tempos have their feet on the ground. 

Don't turn into some moneymaking activity because it has been recommended to you by someone, or because it's supposed to make money faster. 

Instead, ask your most creative and connected friends to help guide you to the easiest, most certain way to generate the extra cash you need.

Find a role with them where you can bring your natural strengths of reliability and service to a team already in flow, while staying close to your bigger cause. 



If you're a Steel

Steel people are all about details and systems. 

Don't spend all your time on the details, trying to get ahead through analysis and attempting to grow things on your own. 

Instead, work with the help of others to find the flow, create a rhythm with a team to keep you on track and positive, and trade your ability to be detail and system-focused with those who can open the flow up to you. 

Steels have their foot on the brake instead of the accelerator. They internalize, they want to get things perfect before they move forward. 

To counter that, try to think like Richard Branson: "Screw it, let's do it!" 

Also, stay connected to other geniuses, and hold yourself to a bigger cause. 



You see that these approaches differ greatly from each other, as the personalities are very different. 

Refusing to accept that you work and react in a different way than your friends/colleagues/spouse is a sure way to use a tactic that will leave you inefficient and bitter. 

Focus on your strengths and ask for help in other areas. 

It's gonna work out.