From Confusion to Clarity

"There must be something more…" 


That voice was in repeat in my head since an early age. From useless classes at school to meaningless jobs, I was so tired of getting no excitement out of my professional life. 


Back at school

Back at school, no one gave me any useful advice to choose my career. I ended up in a scientific pathway because I was told it will open me more doors once I find out what I want.

Because it was hard and I wasn't suited for it, I had to repeat twice to complete my high school diploma, turning 3 years of daily pain into 5. 

Sports university was the least terrible option for me, so I went there and got a bachelor degree in sports management. 

Finally done with the school system, I left France to live in Prague and later in Barcelona, working in different jobs to pay the bills. 


Make the list

One day of 2008, out of desperation, I sat down without any guidance to write about what I was good at, what I liked to do, things like that. The list didn't look good. 

But I was committed. I knew it wouldn't happen quickly, but it didn't matter. My situation had to change. 


Choose your hard

I started to dedicate my free time to study things that interested me, start asking questions, write more lists. 

I cut my distractions, party and friends, as much as I could.

Again, it was hard, but I felt that compared to the hard life I lived earlier - wasting my time without any direction, feeling useless and pathetic - this "hard" had a future. 

So I tried myself in copywriting, photography and even modern art while doing various jobs to put food on the table. 

It took me about 5 years to figure out my first solid direction, which I've never heard of before: Entrepreneurship.

Sure, my search was slow and difficult, but I would do it again anytime to be where I am now. 


Where I am now

Now it's been another 4 years since I stepped into entrepreneurship and started to build my own projects. 

You can see below what I've done so far related to entrepreneurship. I've been busy, but I don't feel I have an impressive list of accomplishments... I know I can do so much more!  

- Founder of Video Intro Maker - creating affordable (and awesome) animated explainer videos that convert, for small businesses

- Founder of Digital Nomad For Good - Monthly top 10 list of inspiring articles for digital nomads, project about to switch into a video format. 

- Founder of Simple et Clair (French blog) - Practical tips based on a powerful spiritual teaching (there is about 70 articles still online without update for at least 2 years)

- I was published on several blogs such as Addicted 2 Success 

- I do 1-on-1 coaching on the side and have great testimonials so far

- I ran several workshops and presentations about career guidance, morning routine and increasing a website's conversions

- Fluent in 4 languages - French, English, Spanish and Portuguese 


What worked

But what I am most proud of is that now I know myself, what I'm good at, what I like to do and how I work. 

I studied hard the many pieces needed to create an experience specifically for an audience, from branding to writing headlines - thanks to blogs such as Fizzle, the Four hour work week, Smart Blogger, Seth Godin and many more. 

I studied psychology, spirituality, the human needs and what drives us. 


I know now what audience I like to work with (millennials who want to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle), and I have already started to support the community through the creation of a Top 10 almost-monthly list of inspiring articles, which helps me understand more deeply the market and connect with the main players. 


Where I'm going? 

I'm going where all these pieces merge and form something unique, meaningful and useful for the audience I like to support.

As Roger Hamilton suggests, you can have a global impact if you follow the path of greatest need and your highest purpose. 

Stay tuned.