Why my personal brand has to change

Are you on a path that might not be fully "you"? 

If so, what should you do? Give up everything, start over, pivot? 

Sounds pretty risky. Maybe immature. Even stupid. 

Or is it? 


A few years ago, I created a fairly successful personal development blog in French which I enjoyed doing, but it turned out to be difficult to monetise. 

Fine. As that I have a good perspective and creativity, I decided to help small businesses explain clearly what they do on their site with animated explainer videos. That allowed me to deepen my business skills and to be connected with so many of you who are creating awesome things. 

But even though it's working well, there is a part of me not fully satisfied. 


You see, one thing takes a big part in my life: Living in harmony with the spiritual laws. Call it karma, the desire to do good, or more specifically, the overwhelming need to fulfill my role in this world. 

What is it to me? 

I believe everyone has a unique ability to make a solid contribution to the world, and nothing satisfies me more than inspiring people to identify theirs, and to plan a new, meaningful direction in life accordingly.


But in order to do that and to reach you, I need to talk openly about some spiritual concepts in a place like LinkedIn that is dedicated to business. 

And that's scary. 

It's saying "it's not for you" to some of you who won't relate to it. 

You might judge. 

You might leave a contradictory comment down there… but you know what? I can take it. 

I don't have all the answers, but I'm confident that many of you are tired of reading those same dry marketing pieces about making more money with a new tactic, leaving your soul thirsty for something more substantial, something with real meaning. 


So encouraged by the impact one of my answers had recently on Quora, instead of sticking purely to marketing and productivity, I decided to mix them with how spirituality influences me and my work. 


Because spirituality is a part of who I am, and I don't intend to hide it anymore. 

Sure, it's something business people are usually uncomfortable to talk about. 

Business is so squared, with clear guidelines and business plans. 

But is it really that straightforward? 

Does it work? 

No one can predict with certainty if a startup or a product will take off, or if a post will go viral. 

But still, many preach that they've got the recipe. 

They don't judge you when you ask for millions to investors, while it's a leap of faith for everyone involved… 

So if you don't believe in spiritual principles such as the law of attraction, the karma or the effect of gratitude, and prefer to believe in the last Twitter hack, it's up to you. 

I feel it's a matter of choice. 

Not a matter of scientifically proven facts. 


So what's my purpose with this new approach?


It's about using the most practical advice out there - spiritual or not - to feed and expand the light inside of you and improve your life. 

It's about opening up to this new spiritual dimension that has been hidden behind the cloak of science. 

It's about growing a community around the fact that individual behaviors can have a global impact. 

It's about seeing the world not as random chaos but as a materialization of our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

It's about feeling good, in peace, and dealing with ease with your difficulties. 

It's about understanding your interest in respecting the spiritual laws. 

It's about choosing to live your life purpose and attracting it. 

It's about making the world a better place. 

It's about ending with complaints. 

It's about learning to care. 

It's about the journey. 

It's about you. 

It's about us. 

It's about what you will do with it. 


Want to help? 

If you change yourself, you'll change the world. Lead by example. 

I'll start to write regularly on my site and as a guest writer on other sites (get in touch if we're a fit). 


Leaving a comment or sending this to a friend that could benefit from this approach would mean the world to me. 

One more move towards love and unity. 

Let's start. 


If you think I can help you in your life or career, check the coaching I propose here